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Warm & Fluffy Winter Scrunchie Crochet Class



Cute Scrunchies to Up Your Fashion Game This Winter

Add a personal touch to your collection

of essential accessories by

crocheting your own scrunchies!

You can make 2~6

(depending on the yarn type)

cozy and firm scrunchies with this kit.


You don’t need to be experienced in

crocheting  to make these scrunchies .

Not only is the design simple and 

beginner-friendly, but the step-by-step 

tutorial video will also have you making

the perfect scrunchies in no time!


The Soft Cotton thread is more

lightweight and spongy

The Like-Linen thread is more

dense and chunky

Each kit includes two yarns of each

so you can enjoy both textures :)



4 color per option

Peace of Mind

Relaxing and satisfying

Perfect for Gifting

Makes many cute scrunchies



✔ Pattern Guide & Video instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides

four yarns of threads and 12 hair bands

✔ You can make 12 scrunchies



✔ Crochet hook and needle are

not included in the basic kit

✔ Keep crochet needle away from

the reach of children

✔ Available in 5 different themes


Package Options


↓ Scrunchies made with Soft Cotton threads

↓ Scrunchies made with Like Linen wool

Select the Color Theme you want!


  1. Symbol/Text Instruction
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Thread Yarns 
    1. <Soft Cotton> Yarn * 2
    2. <Like Linen> Cotton Yarn * 2
  4. Black Hair Bands * 12


**You need both crochet hooks and needle**

The ETIMO <Pink> crochet hooks

are rounder and longer than

the ETIMO <Gray> hooks.

This is one of the most preferred brands

of hooks among crochet fans


↓ Crochet Hook (Size 6 / 0) - ETIMO <Gray> (Made-in-Japan)

↓ Crochet Hook (Size 6 / 0) - ETIMO <Pink> (Made-in-Japan)

↓ Tapestry Needle (size: small)

Warm & Fluffy Winter Scrunchie Crochet Class