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Toast Sponge Knitting Class



Scrub Dishes with These Cute Toast Sponges

Scrubbies don’t get any cuter than

these crochet egg toasts!


They will make a great addition to

your kitchenware collection. 

You will get easy-to-follow tutorial video

with step-by-step instructions

on how to crochet perfect fluffy toasts. 

You will want to scrub dishes more than ever!


Peace of Mind

Relaxing and satisfying

Kitchen Item

For cleaning dishes

Perfect for Gifting

Makes many adorable sponges



✔ Pattern Guide & Video instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides

two / four yarns of threads

✔ You can add more yarns during purchase

to make more egg toast sponges



✔ Crochet hook and needle are

not included in the basic kit

✔ Keep crochet needle away from

the reach of children


Package Options


  1. Symbol/Text Instruction
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Sponge Thread Yarns
    1. Caramel * 1
    2. Ivory * 1


**You need both crochet hooks and needle**

The ETIMO <Pink> crochet hooks

are rounder and longer than

the ETIMO <Gray> hooks.

This is one of the most preferred brands

of hooks among crochet fans


↓ Crochet Hook (Size 6 / 0) - ETIMO <Gray> (Made-in-Japan)

↓ Crochet Hook (Size 6 / 0) - ETIMO <Pink> (Made-in-Japan)

↓ Tapestry Needle (size: small)

↓ Extra Yarns - Ivory / Caramel

↓ Bakery Packaging

↓ Stainless-steel Sponge Hanging Clip

Toast Sponge Knitting Class