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Natural Skincare Soap Class



Using additive-free natural ingredients



What makes the skincare products at

OFDD so special is the fact that

all ingredients and materials used is

natural, chemical-free, and cruelty-free.

In this class, you will learn all the secrets of

making ointment, lip balm, and soap

from such clean ingredients.


The instructors will explain

the effects and functions of different oils

and ingredients along the way.

You will come to realise that different

combinations and mixtures of ingredients

can create different products with different usages.

Clear, simple steps will be outlined in class

so that the production process will be

easy to follow even for absolute beginners.

Needs Boiling

For emulsion

Chemical Free

Organic Ingredients

Animal Friendly

No animal cruelty



✔ Lifetime access to series of online courses

introducing how to make

skin balm, lip balm, and soap

✔ Learn how to customise natural soap

✔ Full kit is provided including natural

oils and pigments

✔ (Basic kit does not include utensils such as

pots and mixing bowls)



✔ Needs boiling utensils

✔ 100% natural & ethical -

palm oil & paraben free

✔ Not tested on animals (100% vegan)



Package Options




  • Dry Skin Type: Coconut & Olive Oil
  • Oily Skin Type: Grape Seed Oil
  • Sensitive Skin Type: Gromwell Root Oil


  1. Base Oil (460g)
    1. Coconut & Olive Oil / Grape Seed Oil / Gromwell Root Oil
  2. Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) (71g)
    1. *Natural Chemical Additive* – Store with stainless container
    2. *Corrosive* – Please handle with caution

To be Prepared at Home

  1. Apron
  2. Bottled Water (164g)
    1. *Not Tap Water*
  3. Big Styrofoam Box with Seal & Towel / Cling Paper & Towel
  4. Electronic Scale
  5. Heat Resistant container (500ml)
    1. E.g. Glass / Steel / PP Plastic
  6. Heat Resistant Stirring Stick
    1. E.g. Stainless Steel Whisk / Stirring Spoon
  7. Induction Stove
  8. Mask
  9. Safety Gloves
  10. Tablecloth
  11. Soap Mold – You may use milk cartons as replacement

Natural Skincare Soap Class