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Modern Hanji Paper Craft Class <Hand Mirror>



A Beautiful Fusion of Modern and Tradition


This unique and elegant kit from

one of the oldest Korean traditional

paper craft will the perfect conversation

starter for the next house party!


Korean paper or Hanji (Korean: 한지)

is the name of traditional

handmade paper from Korea.

The main material is the inner

bark of paper mulberry plants

(Broussonetia papyrifera),

a tree native to Korea, that grows

well on rocky mountain sides.


Hanji has been long loved by Koreans

due to its strong durability.

There is an old saying that


Hanji lasts a thousand years

and silks last just five hundred


reflecting the imperishability

and strength of Hanji. 


Although Hanji is a wonderful and

unique technology and crafts,

it is true that it may be a bit of

a hassle to start it as a personal hobby.

Which is why we have brought

this kit that has pre-packaged and

included all the necessary materials

needed to finish one simple yet

gratifying Hanji craft project. 


This kit makes one hand mirror.

It is the perfect compact size that

fits in all handbags for ladies and

children, so it is easy to be carried around.

The modern take on traditional Hanji

crafting makes it a unique and sleek

gift to give to your loved ones as a kit

package for them to enjoy the

making process, or as a

finished product ready

to be used and displayed.


Peace of Mind

Easy to follow & relaxing


Uses environmentally green materials

Perfect for Gifting

A versatile and unique present



✔ Video & paper instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides glue mix,

pre-cut colored hanji papers,

base structure and a glue brush

✔ Included glue is made from

sustainable ingredients (no chemicals)

✔ The Hanji papers are pre cut

- you just have to pop them

out conveniently



✔ Needs sufficient desk space

✔ Dry the finished hand mirror in

cool place & avoid direct sunlight

✔ Add natural Hanji varnish to

maintain the finished project longer.


Package Options



  1. Hanji Paper Craft Glue Powder * 1
  2. Hanji Paper Craft Brush * 1
  3. Liquid Adhesive * 1
  4. Symbol/Text Instruction * 1
  5. Jewelry Box Structure Sheet * 3
  6. Coloured Hanji Papers


Hanji Paper Craft Varnish

Modern Hanji Paper Craft Class <Hand Mirror>