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Miniature Chef Food Modeling Class



It May be Small, But It is Full of Fun and Creativity


With just this kit, you can create

the whole meal without having to

purchase any additional materials.

A convenient gift for your

friends and families who are

new to miniature model making. 


It is the perfect gift for kids

to grow their interests in cooking

and baking with such realistic and

detailed outcome of the miniature food. 


It can also be a unique and compact

room decor once it is finished. 


Create a realistic look with different materials.

Make the french fries with clay,

and color it to make it look extra crispy.

Throw on some dried parsley

powder and even replicate the

oily paper beneath the fries with varnish! 


Detailed replication

Place on top cut, and cooked

vegetables and toppings as if you

are actually preparing the

bibimbap in a kitchen


Hassle free fun

with all the necessary materials,

and ingredients pre-packaged

in the kit, you don’t have to worry

about finding the right materials,

and only focus on having fun while making



Korean Fried Chicken Set


Brunch Set


Pork Cutlet


French Macaron


Mini Bakery


Blueberry & Chocolate Shaved Ice


Korean Bibimbap


Steak Dinner


Ice Cream Cone & Waffle


Red Bean Bun & Sweet Potato


Cake & Gift Box


Pizza Set


Hamburger Set


Korean Street Food Set



Needs attention to detail ;)

Kitchen Item

You can have the experience of cooking

Family Activity

Perfect project for both children and adults



✔ Video & paper instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides clay,

wooden kitchenware, paint

glue, brush, miniature utensils,

glue, and other decorations

✔ Also includes a PVC Case

to store and display the

finished project safely



✔ Needs sufficient desk space

✔ Dry the finished meal kit in

cool place & avoid direct sunlight

✔ Wash your hand after the project

✔ Needs parental guidance for

children under 3 (Make sure that

no parts are consumed)


Package Options


Included (May vary per meal set)

  1. PVC Cover Case
  2. Laser Cut Wood Panel
  3. Miniature Clay
  4. Symbol/Text Instruction
  5. Liquid Adhesive (Varnish)
  6. Toppings
  7. Decoration
  8. Miniature Cutleries
  9. Brush & Paint


Miniature Modelling Additional Tools

Miniature Chef Food Modeling Class