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Mini Socks Toy Coloring Starter



Create the One-and-Only Socks in the World


Who says socks should only be white?

Break the limits of socks with

the power of your imagination!


With this 3 dimensional canvas,

you can reach into the depth

of your creativity well, and paint

the most peculiar and extraordinary

socks that are out of this world. 


Whether you are a fan of Shin Chan, 


want to show your fashion taste


or express your love of food,


this socks coloring starter pack will be

the white canvas to exhibit

your marvelous world of wonders!


Peace of Mind

Relaxing and calming


Design yourself


Different color paints



✔ Paper instructions

✔ The package provides

two socks model (small & big),

6 colour paint pack, and 3 brushes

✔ The included paints dry 1-5 minutes, and

has a matte finish because it is acrylic

✔ You could mix two or more

paints together to create new colors

(excellent color learning activity for kids!)



✔ Needs sufficient desk space

✔ Be careful to not get the paint

on the surface of skin or cloth

✔ Keep hands and surfaces dry


Package Options



  1. Text Instruction * 1
  2. Socks Canvas Model
    1. Small Socks * 1
    2. Big Socks * 1
  3. 6 Pot Paint 
    1. Black * 1
    2. White *1
    3. Color * 4
  4. 3 Brushes set (different sizes)


Additional Matte Acrylic Paint 


Additional Glossy Acrylic Paint  


 Monopoly Acrylic Paint Tubes Pack - 13 Colours  


Additional Brush Set (includes 3 brushes)  


UNI POSCA Paint Marker Pack - 8 Colours

Mini Socks Toy Coloring Starter