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Mini Car Painting Starter



Your One and Only Designer Car


Break the limits of cars with

the power of your imagination!



Have you always wanted to become

the hero of your own story?

Design the perfect car that your

hero of imagination would ride

in many different scenarios, such as:


a fast car to run  away from evil villains,


a silent car for secret missions, 


a tough car to go on bumpy adventures!

This blank car canvas will be the

perfect addition for story telling activities!


The paint dries in matte finish, and

has soft texture like rubber.

Not hard-rock, not 3D printed!


Do not worry about making 

mistakes before you try.

It may seem like the right design

just doesn’t come into mind,

but as you paint, you will start

to get the hang of it. 

And at the end you will be surprised

to see a soft smile on your lips


Peace of Mind

Relaxing and calming


Design yourself


Different color paints



✔ Paper instructions

✔ The package provides a car model,

6 colour paint pack, and 3 brushes

(please refer to 'add-on')

✔ The included paints dry 1-5 minutes, and

has a matte finish because it is acrylic

✔ You could mix two or more

paints together to create new colors

(excellent color learning activity for kids!)



✔ Select the <Paint Pack> if you

prefer included painting utensils

✔ Needs sufficient desk space

✔ Be careful to not get the paint

on the surface of skin or cloth

✔ Keep hands and surfaces dry


Package Options

Single Pack

Includes one random car model

(if you have acrylic paint already!

Not watercolor paint, not oil paint)


Paint Pack

Includes one random car model,

6 color paint (matte), 3 brushes

Painting materials are not your ordinary paints!

They dry fast enough to fix quickly

and the color sticks nicely after dry


Collector Pack A

Includes 6 Single Pack

+ 1 Extra Single Pack


Collector Pack B

Includes 3 Single Pack

+ 3 Paint Pack

+ 1 Extra Paint Pack


Collector Pack C

Includes 6 Paint Pack

+ 1 Extra Paint Pack


Display Set

3D Wood Display Stand Set

Why don't you display your

finished car using this paintable

wooden board for a more

realistic story telling

for your car adventure!

The included paint for

Paint Pack will be plenty enough

to paint both the car and

the display set



Paint Pack


Additional Matte Acrylic Paint 


Additional Glossy Acrylic Paint  


 Monopoly Acrylic Paint Tubes Pack - 13 Colours  


Additional Brush Set (includes 3 brushes)  


UNI POSCA Paint Marker Pack - 8 Colors

Great for finishing

Mini Car Painting Starter