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Hoop Art Embroidery Class



Practicing Embroidery Techniques


Hand embroidery is a great hobby to

take up because of its practicality.

There are endless possibilities for creating

something special with some basic stitching.

Once you get the hang of the art, you can

decorate and personalize your clothes,

household objects like towels and napkins, etc. 


Even if you’re not experienced with hand embroidery,

this beginner-friendly HOW-TO videos will

guide you through the whole process of embroidering.

You’ll learn everything about the basics of embroidery.

The various designs on these fabrics makes this kit

perfect for practicing different stitching skills.

Get artsy with this low-entry, low-cost embroidery kit!



Design it yourself

Peace of Mind

Relaxing and Satisfying


Different stitching methods to try



✔ Online and video instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides design fabric,

set of threads, embroidery needles

and a rubber hoop frame

✔ Freely express your creativity with

many stitching methods and thread colors

through trial & error



✔ Can be done at home, café,

or any of your favorite place​s

✔ Prepare your own scissor

✔ Be cautious when handling needle



Package Options

Option A 'Love Me' Embroidery for Learning Basic Stitching <White>

Option B 'Love Me' Embroidery for Learning Basic Stitching <Pink>



  1. Embroidery thread (5 types)
  2. 3 Needles
  3. ‘Love Me’ design printed fabric (color: white or pink)
  4. Plastic frame (diameter 16cm)
  5. Extra fabric for practice (size 20x20cm)
  6. Embroidery pen (a water-soluble pen)
  7. Mini tutorial book, a leaflet with general instructions, and a HOW-TO video

Add-on Options

Extra 'Love Me' Design Fabric <White>

Extra 'Love Me' Design Fabric <Pink>

Embroidery Thread Set: Baby Pastel 10 Colors

Embroidery Thread Set: Classic Pastel 10 Colors

Embroidery Thread Set: Oriental Vintage 10 Colors

Embroidery Thread Set: Retro Vintage 15 Colors

Embroidery Thread Set: Basic 20 Colors

Hoop Art Embroidery Class