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Dip-Pen Calligraphy Class

Dip-pen Calligraphy

Heartwarming Handwritten Cards


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About the Class

For this calligraphy class,

I will be providing everyone

with a Starter's Kit that has all the materials

(practice pack, dip pen and ink, etc.)

you will need as a calligraphy beginner.

The class will start with an introduction

to the basic strokes in modern calligraphy

and some warm-up exercises to familiarize ourselves.

Then, I will teach everyone how to write

both uppercase and lowercase letters

in the elegant modern script,

putting an emphasis on the spacing

and connection between words and letters.

As we progress further,

you can create your own personal style

by using my own work as an example.

Changes in the thickness of letters and angles

will create a different effect,

so remember to pay attention to details when writing.

You can always stop and take time to practice

so do not worry about falling behind!




Basic Kit

  • Two-in-one Penholder (straight, obliqued)
  • Pointed Nib
  • Black Ink (25ml)
  • Color Ink (5ml)
  • Lecture notes
  • Lettering Card (1 outlined, 1 black, 1 random color)
  • Quality Practice Paper with slanted guidelines (30 sheets)

Deluxe Kit

  • Wooden Oblique Pen Holder
  • Wooden Straight Pen Holder
  • Pointed Nibs (x3)
  • Black Ink (25ml)
  • Color Ink (5ml)
  • Watercolor Ink (1 pan, random color)
  • Lecture notes
  • Lettering Card (1 outlined, 1 black, 1 random color)
  • Quality Practice Paper with slanted guidelines (30 sheets)

About Alice

"When I write calligraphy,
I end up creating something I can feel,
see, and touch; the fact that
it is handwritten just makes it so much more special."

How I Self-Taught Calligraphy

I was first exposed to calligraphy

through Instagram, where I saw pictures

of people posting their own writing.

Inspired, I started teaching myself how to write.

That was about 4 years ago. I mostly taught

myself through reading calligraphy books

and self-studying, occasionally joining

workshops taught by overseas calligraphers as well.

The script I started with is called Copperplate.

A Career Change

Originally working in real estate,

I quit my job in 2016 and decided

to take a break, eventually spending

most of my time writing calligraphy instead.

By then, I was posting my artwork on Instagram,

and people started reaching out to me for small services.

I was asked to write names for wedding gifts,

company logos, and even to show up

at brand events to write on souvenirs or cards.


It was such a new thing for me.

I didn't know how the industry worked then,

but I was super eager to give it a try.

Later on, I started teaching.

I was a little hesitant at first because

I didn't know if I had the right qualifications,

but my business grew pretty quickly as

I taught more students.

I even opened my studio last year.

What Draws Me to Calligraphy

I think there are two main reasons.

Firstly, writing calligraphy well requires

a lot of patience as there are many rules;

it teaches you the need to be consistent.

I think the repetition in practice is therapeutic

and really helps me relax.

Secondly, I personally find calligraphy

very aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Handwriting in daily life doesn't really require beauty,

but the proportions and details to every letter

in calligraphy, when done right, is very satisfying.

More About Teaching

All my students come to me for different purposes.

Some want to learn nice handwriting,

others want to write on their wedding envelopes,

and some are just bored. 

I teach calligraphy because I want everyone

to be able to enjoy the process of

using their own hands to create and

write something beautiful.

Calligraphy is an art form that

doesn’t require much of an art background

I wasn’t an art student myself and

I didn’t know much about art.

It's easy to start with and fun to learn. 

People nowadays don't really write,

but being able to feel the ink on paper is

what makes the experience so special.

By the end of the day, I hope everyone

can enjoy the process of creating something

on their own, and perhaps to

preserve the tradition of writing.

Dip-Pen Calligraphy Class