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Natural Fruits & Herbs Infuser Starter <La Vie en Rose>



A Delightful and Refreshing Potion for Your Heart

<La Vie en Rose>


Elevate your spirits, with a

carefully hand-selected batch of

fruits and muscovado sugar

for a unique glass of delight


Just pour in your favourite spirits

into the bottle for a magical change!


The pack is prepared with hand-made

dried fruits, herbs and spices

specially blended by the artisan

for depth in flavour and aroma


The included Muscovado sugar is unrefined

cane sugar that contains natural molasses.

It has a rich brown color, moist -

texture, and toffee-like taste.

And this will help add a deeper flavour

into your infused drink!


You don’t have to go through

the hassle of making your own

infused drink from scratch,

because we have prepared

each and every step for you -

washing and sanitising the bottles,

drying the fruits, rinsing

the herbs and spices. All you

have to do is fill up with any alcoholic

drink and wait for the magic to happen



Involves Alcohol

Choose your favourite spirits

Chemical Free

Hand-made ingredients

Perfect for Gifting

Easy to make and unique



✔ Online instructions

✔ The package provides

specially blended hand-made

dried fruits, herbs, and spices



✔ Needs patience ;)

✔ Prepare your favourite alcohol base

(e.g. vodka, rum, gin, soju, etc)


Package Options

<La Vie en Rose> 


Roses have been well known

for being a natural hangover remedy

and good for digestion.

With this kit, you can enjoy the sweetness

and the rich aroma of fresh roses.

If you prefer your drinks strong, you can

use soju or vodka for a rose infused spirit.

And if you are more of a gin person,

you can enjoy it as a rose infused gin & tonic



⦿ Freeze-dried roses

⦿ Muscovado sugar


1 week - 1 month


<La Vie en Rose> goes well with gin.

You can enjoy it on the rock inside

a rock glass with ice (like brandy).

Also, try adding tonic water

to craft your own cocktail.


If you prefer a more soft and mild

rose flavour, strain out the roses

after a week and  let the bottle age

a little longer for a mild rose infused drink. 








  • 200ml
  • 500ml
  • 1000ml


  1. Dried Fruits/Herbs/Spices
  2. Muscovado Sugar
  3. Glass Bottle

Things to Prepare

  1. Base Alcohol


A classic black bag for extra charm

Natural Fruits & Herbs Infuser Starter <La Vie en Rose>