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Clear Ocean Bay Soap Class



The Soap That Reminds You of Beaches


Bored with your simple white bar of soap?

Have sensitive skin?

Don't worry, FRIDAY’s got your back

with these cute, perky and

chemical/preservative-free DIY kit!


Make your own handmade soap

with natural ingredients that you

and your family can trust and enjoy.


In this kit, we treat only the best.

The made-in-Korea soap base is

TEA-free (triethanolamine) as it is

naturally sourced from corn and

also contains many hydrating ingredients

such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin.


Mineral-rich bath agents and

aromatic coffee powder is used

as organic coloring, so this makes

our soap safe for your skin!


The kit comes with a manual book

and a video that details the

entire process from start to finish,

translated just for you by FRIDAY.



Natural essential oils

Family Activity

Children-friendly kit

Chemical Free

Naturally sourced ingredients



✔ Video & Paper instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides soap base,

natural coloring, silicone mold,

natural essential oils, and mixing utensils

✔ Makes 4 sea soaps

✔ Artificial colorant free -

uses only natural pigments

✔ Naturally sourced TEA-free,

allergen-free soap base, enriched

with moisturising ingredients

(i.e. hyaluronic acid, glycerin)



✔ Needs sufficient desk space

✔ Needs microwave / boiling utensils


Package Options



  1. Transparent soap base 
    1. 100g * 4
    2. 60g * 2
  2. White soap base 
    1. 80g * 1
    2. 30g * 1
  3. Rectangle mold * 1
  4. Seashell mold * 1
  5. Paper cups * 7
  6. Wooden stick * 7
  7. Scents * 1
  8. Soap Colorants * 1
  9. Ethanol * 1
  10. Pair of Latex gloves * 1
  11. Ground coffee powder * 1
  12. Instruction manual & video * 1

Clear Ocean Bay Soap Class