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Brain Space & Game I (5~8 yrs) | WED 2:00 - 3:00pm | Deep Water Bay

Brain Space & Game I (5~8 yrs)
WED 2:00 - 3:00pm
VRC Deep Water Bay
Nurture your child's problem solving skills naturally through exploration in a programme developed by STEM-education professionals. Brain Space incorporates collaborative games recommended and used by renowned institutions and MBAs.
Personal lesson folder, Science materials, Extra education supplements.
WEEKLY SYLLABUS (Subject to change)
Week 1


Play problem-solving questions in the game of Go where you are faced with situations where your only survival is to sacrifice.

Week 2


In a game of discarding cards, you must choose wisely what to keep and discard in order to finish first.

Week 3


Half of the class will be interviewers and half will be interviewees. After 10 minutes, teachers will give interviewers a task based on the information they gathered.

Week 4


Take turns to build an imaginary fortress on board and balance attack and defend.

Week 5


Take turns in a card game where you cannot see your own card, but only your opponent’s. The one with the higher card wins, but the lower card can always bluff the opponent out.

Week 6

Conflict Resolution

Two players share the cake. What would be the smartest way to cut the cake so both people will be happy? How can we use this tactic in a two-way conflict?

Week 7

Game Design

By talking with real game designers, students will get to create their own games.

Week 8


Students will get to play the boardgames that they have designed with their classmates.

Brain Space & Game I (5~8 yrs) | WED 2:00 - 3:00pm | Deep Water Bay