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Avocado Sponge Knitting Class



Basket Full of Squeaky Clean Avocados


Scrubbies don’t get any cuter than

these crochet avocados!

They will make a great addition to

your kitchenware collection. 

This easy-to-follow tutorial video will

provide you with step-by-step instructions

on how to crochet perfect fluffy avocados. 

This one’s a beginner-friendly and

practical DIY kit. Make dishwashing

cute and special with these handmade sponges!



Higher achievement

Kitchen Item

For cleaning dishes

Perfect for Gifting

Makes many adorable sponges



✔ Pattern Guide & Video instructions

✔ The DIY kit provides

four yarns of threads

✔ You can add more yarns during purchase

to make more avocados

✔ Makes both seed side and seedless side



✔ Crochet hook and needle are

not included in the basic kit

✔ Keep crochet needle away from

the reach of children


Package Options



  1. Symbol/Text Instruction
  2. Video Tutorial
  3. Sponge Thread Yarns 
    1. Caramel * 1
    2. Burgundy Brown * 1
    3. Lemon * 1
    4. Olive Green * 1


**You need both crochet hooks and needle**

The ETIMO <Pink> crochet hooks

are rounder and longer than

the ETIMO <Gray> hooks.

This is one of the most preferred brands

of hooks among crochet fans


↓ Crochet Hook (Size 6 / 0) - ETIMO <Gray> (Made-in-Japan)

↓ Crochet Hook (Size 6 / 0) - ETIMO <Pink> (Made-in-Japan)

↓ Tapestry Needle (size: small)

↓ Extra Yarns (from the top)- Lemon / Burgundy Brown / Olive Green / Caramel

↓ Stainless-steel Sponge Hanging Clip

Avocado Sponge Knitting Class